What is Morning Star?

Morning Star is a film that will document the upcoming tour of Larry Gurruwiwi and Malawurr through Europe, who will share sacred Indigenous songlines with festival audiences. The Galpu songlines from Larry’s tribe have been passed down from generation to generation for over 60,000 years. Larry, a recently anointed songline custodian, is following in the footsteps of his father Djalu, the legendary yidaki (didgeridoo) master who devoted his life to upholding songline traditions. Larry has inherited his father’s philosophy that the ‘barra’ or Westwind - the healing sound of the yidaki - is a key to transcending cultural barriers, and connecting all people to the earth. It is hoped that the tour will be inspiration for his people back in Arnhem Land, illustrating that their traditions are still powerful, and indeed popular around the world.

Morning Star will be the sequel to 2017’s Westwind: Djalu’s Legacy, which told Djalu’s story, and will be made upon the request of Larry and his father to further spread their message. We need your support through donations to fund the film’s production. It’s your opportunity to be part of the effort to maintain a proud tradition that’s been unbroken for over 60,000 years.



With your generous support we will tell the next chapter of Larry Gurruwiwi’s story, and share Galpu songlines with the world.