Morning Star is the sequel to 2017’s Westwind: Djalu’s Legacy. In Westwind, we followed the charismatic Galpu elder Djalu Gurruwiwi as he struggled to pass down his ancient knowledge and sacred songlines to the next generation, and find a worthy custodian. Through a cunning plan to inspire the next generation by travelling the world and proving that Aboriginal culture is revered and celebrated, Djalu shifts the mindset of his son Larry.

Larry is now a custodian of Galpu songlines and healing traditions, and he is driven to continue spreading the message of his father, who is now too old to travel. Larry has formed a band with his brothers Jason and Vernon - Larry Gurruwiwi and Malawurr - and this European summer are booked to play at some of the most prestigious world music festivals in Europe.

Djalu will take Larry to the birthplace of the yidaki sound, Djungarinnyu, to instil the responsibility and honour bestowed upon him as a custodian of the songlines. Larry is following in the footsteps of Djalu, known around the world as ‘Mr Didgeridoo’, he has big shoes to fill. Can he deal with the pressure and responsibility of carrying his culture’s traditions? Can he do justice to Djalu’s legacy? And will he truly become a worthy custodian? We will find out on this tour.

The Morning Star documentary team intend to follow the band as they travel and perform in England, Czech Republic, Wales and France. We will watch them share 60,000 year old traditional songlines from the Galpu tribe in Arnhem Land to captivated international audiences. Whilst in London, Larry will also participate in groundbreaking medical research, to quantify the effects of the traditional vibrational sound healing that he was taught by Djalu. Through this research the healing power that Yolngu people have practiced for millennia will now be understood by Westerners.

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  • You will be supporting Indigenous musicians as they endeavour to share their vitally important culture on an international stage.

  • You will be supporting independent Australian filmmakers, who will share this inspiring story with a global audience.

  • You will reinforce the belief in Yolngu youth that their culture and traditions are deeply respected.

  • You will contribute to a ground breaking medical research project that may scientifically support what Yolngu culture has known for millennia- that traditional sound healing is effective in treating health issues.

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  • Travel expenses for Larry Gurruwiwi & Malawurr and a small, dedicated team to document their journey

  • Equipment hire

  • Filming permits

  • Post production

  • Marketing & PR

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